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                           Welcome To Zana Shop!

Please Note: We can only ship to the USA.

                                                     Zana Shop Products:


                       Lunette Menstrual Cup             Lunette Selene                   
                               (Click Photo To Buy)                   (Click Photo To Buy)                 
                           Price:$39.99                           Price:$39.99                             

     Lunette Cynthia                    Lunette Aine                      Lunette Wash
   (Click Photo To Buy)                 (Click Photo To Buy)                    (Click Photo To Buy)
Price:  $39.99                              Price:  $39.99                                Price:  $9.99

    Lunette Wipes                         DivaCup                              DivaWash
     (Click Photo To Buy)                (Click Photo To Buy)                (Click Photo To Buy)
Price:  $4.99                               Price:  $39.99                                  Price:  $9.99

   Keeper Cup                    Keeper Moon Cup
                 MCUK (Mooncup UK)         (Click Photo To Buy)                (Click Photo To Buy)                  (Click Photo To Buy)
Price:  $35.00                         Price:  $35.00                              Price:  $30.00

 Gladrags Pantyliners             Snappy Pads                                                      3-Pack Cloth/Washable     Washable Cloth Pads               Pure Sage
From Assorted Colors      From Assorted Colors          Smudge Sticks
     (Click Photo To Buy)               (Click Photo To Buy)                 (Click Photo To Buy)

Price: $28.49                            Prices:                                          Price:  $3.99
Actual patterns / colors            Single Pad Bundle --   $13.99          
randomly selected,                   Four Pad Bundle  --   $47.99
and may vary                           Six Pad Bundle    --   $71.94

     Pure And Basic                   Emerita Natural
  Green Tea Naturals            Personal Lubricant
Unscented liquid Soap              Water-based  
                         Peri Rinse Bottle
     (Click Photo To Buy)                  (Click Photo To Buy)                   (Click Photo To Buy) 
                         Price: $9.99                                  Price:  $9.99                               Price:  $2.99
Certified organic ingredients,        Water-based,                             Flexible, durable rinse
fragrance-free, gentle,                  Contains Vitamin E2,                 Bottle.  Fill with water for
perfect for washing                       Non-toxic, helps ease                Discreet menstrual cup
a menstrual cup                            menstrual cup insertion             care in public restrooms.